We’re called Sprint velocity for a reason

Sprint Connected Vehicle Platform is built specifically for automakers. Designed to provide the foundation for all of the connected vehicle functionality with the agility to evolve with the development of upcoming technologies. Designed to be open and flexible, it allows for integration of complex components. It offers various connectivity options and back office support, like billing and care.

Several quotes about the Sprint Velocity System

There's no need to limit your reach to a single area or country. Sprint has long-standing relationships with carriers around the world, and our platform is built with that in mind. Sprint has been connecting customers around the globe for more than a decade. Experience that is relevant in a world where connected vehicle sales and smartphone users are expected to grow globally.

Graphs showing the increase in mobile devies over the next 5 years

We work with head unit (HU) and telematics control unit (TCU) vendors to integrate directly into the HU, enable customers to bring their smartphones or enable a hybrid of both. For customers who always want to be "plugged in," Sprint Velocity supports an embedded/smartphone hybrid solution allowing for a connectivity approach that is important for delivering safety features and diagnostics, while smartphone solutions can meet the rapid change in customer preferences.

Statistics showing many people want and expect moblie solutions in their automobile

Wireless technology moves faster than the speed of automobile development, so you need a partner like Sprint who can help you keep content fresh and relevant, creating the optimal experience inside the vehicle. Sprint understands the connected consumer and leverages the latest technology in app development to deliver an innovative, consumer-relevant, in-vehicle experience. Sprint leverages our vast network of developers and content providers to bring the relevant apps safely to the end customer.

Statistics showing many people use their phones and would like those features in their cars

Imagine the continuity marketing opportunities that flow from having a continuous, two-way conversation with your drivers. Sprint provides vehicle diagnostics and data individualized to the driver. The intelligence comes from analyzing the data and knowing how to apply it. It can also be used by automakers to make product improvements, reduce operation costs and potentially increase revenue opportunities.

Graphs showing advertising revenue potential from data the Sprint Velocity system provides