Wireless Week: Will the Connected Car Leave the Smartphone in the Dust?

Oct 17, 2013

From the Wireless Week article: Smartphones and cars concoct a toxic coupling in the collective conscious. In many regards with good reason—no one would argue in favor of texting while driving. But in a lot of ways, the car and the connected device form a symbiotic relationship. Without a connected device along for the ride, a car is about as “dumb” as can be.

Wireless Week published a great article highlighting various aspects of Sprint Velocity, as mentioned by Walter Fowler, Sprint Public Relations:

  • Sprint’s long history in the telematics space including Enterprise and Fleet solutions.
  • Sprint Velocity moves beyond the role of traditional telco provider to the role of mobile iSprint Velocity Service Busntegrator to offer drivers a complete and exceptional user experience.
  • The fact that Sprint Velocity offers auto manufactures the flexibility to design its “own” offering.
  • Sprint Velocity can offer solutions to auto manufacturers beyond the network – in fact, Sprint Velocity is available with or without the network component.
  • The rollout of the Sprint Velocity Service bus, highlight personalization via cloud capabilities with partner IBM which enables real-time activation of features such as remote start, climate control and more.

The article also has a direct quote from Thilo Koslowski, lead automotive analyst at Gartner:

“This is a technology (Sprint Velocity) offering that’s been specifically designed for the automotive industry where car companies can take this solution set and create their own connected vehicle value propositions on top of it.”

Another point we’d like to highlight is how Thilo describes this as a” transitional time for the automotive industry” and how he positioned Sprint in comparison to the positioning he gave Apple/Siri. 

 Read the full story here!

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