• Electrical contractor gets more efficient and cuts costs with tracking devices on Sprint network

    Jan 02, 2013


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    Brooks-Berry-Haynie, an electrical contractor near Atlanta, is enjoying immediate payoff with faster and more accurate data on driver behavior and location of valuable trucks.


    How did this occur? Small machine-to-machine (M2M) devices mounted in the dashboard of BBH’s utility trucks that are connected to Sprint’s powerful wireless network help the company be more competitive while saving thousands of dollars annually.


    BBH dispatches 150 electrical utility trucks in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida. The company recently teamed with Sprint and ActSoft to implement an M2M telematics solution that improves fleet operations, reduces operational cost, mitigates risk and liability and monitors driver behavior. The 4”x4” tracking device houses a Sprint CDMA modem for high speed wireless connectivity.


    Andy O’Kelley, vice president-Operations, BBH, leads day-to-day operations for the company, including project management, field operations and field support. O’Kelley says the new mobility tool and reliable Sprint wireless network brought immediate efficiencies to the company.


    “Our previous tracking devices, software and network can’t compare to what we have today,” O’Kelley said. “The old system wasn’t efficient, provided false data, and the network was not as fast or reliable.”


    The Sprint-Actsoft solution relies on a CalAmp 2610 embedded antenna for GPS and other driver behavior and location information to BBH management. With the fleet tracking device, BBH drivers are also more productive with geofencing (a virtual boundary) and customized tracking alerts. The geofencing app proved valuable this summer when a BBH truck was stolen from the company’s lot in Mableton, Ga.


    “The tracking unit told us immediately that the truck was stolen,” O’Kelly said. “We shared data with police and within hours it was found in a ditch with minimal damage. All of our trucks have expensive tools locked on board. Thanks to the device and high-performing Sprint network, we recovered the vehicle before further damage was done.”


    Industry experts estimate that cargo thefts result in as much as $30 billion in losses each year. (Source: FBI


    Other cost-cutting advantages provided by the tool include a full maintenance system (to indicate when oil and engine fluid changes and DMV inspections are due), speeding parameters, gas consumption, reduction of driver idle time and other factors that put pressure on the bottom line.


    “Sprint is keenly aware of Brooks-Berry-Haynie’s needs for high-performing tracking devices, software and a dependable and powerful wireless network,” said Russell Mosburg, director-Emerging Solutions, Sprint. “Managing a fleet of 150 trucks in many states, against stiff competition with other electrical contractors is a challenge and this M2M tracking solution on the Sprint network gives them the edge with faster data speeds, reliable information and improved connectivity.”

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