• Fleetgistics CIO a fan of Sprint’s network, innovation and sales team

    Apr 03, 2013




    With thousands of couriers transporting lab specimens, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, medical supplies, and other same-day time-critical materials, a wireless connectivity breakdown with a bar code scanner isn’t an option. 


    Motorola MC65 scanners, powered by Sprint’s powerful 3G network, have to work “99.99% of the time,” says Fleetgistics Chief Information Officer Mike Richey.

    Fleetgistics’ use of the scanners is an example of wireless M2M (machine-to-machine) technology that is growing rapidly at Sprint and other carriers eager to make companies and individuals more productive. Simply defined, M2M is technology that supports wired or wireless communication between machines as opposed to smartphones operated by individual users. 

    Richey believes in Sprint’s nationwide network so much that he’s asked for 500 new bar code scanning activations this spring, raising total activations with Sprint to 925. Another 700 couriers are also driving in 42 states with HTC EVO View 4G™ tablets running on the Sprint 3G wireless network.



    “We’ve had a great wireless experience, no problems whatsoever,” Richey said. “We were on the Sprint 2G iDEN platform and have upgraded some scanners to the 3G network without a hitch.” 


    Fleetgistics is a leading provider of same-day logistics solutions for local, regional, and national businesses.  These businesses depend on Fleetgistics to provide uninterrupted, time-critical deliveries to their customers – virtually anywhere, anytime. Over the past five years, couriers aided by Fleetgisitics logistics and/or technology have recorded an on-time performance of 97 percent.


    In addition to standing behind Sprint’s network, Richey is also a fan of Sprint’s forward-thinking technology solutions and strong business relationship.


    “The flexibility of Sprint’s solutions, the creativity and innovation of the Orlando sales team and the evolution of the company has won me over,” Richey said. “Anyone can put a mobile device in my hand and light it up with a data plan but Sprint understands the highly customized nature of Fleetgistics’ customers’ needs. Sprint brings solutions that enable those customizations and ensure the network and the mobile devices deliver on our promise. I like where Sprint is going with its network plans and we think of (Sprint Account Executive) Shannon Holeman and (Sprint Solutions Engineer) Steve Berube as an extension of Fleetgistics.”


    If your business wants to learn more about how Sprint can help your company and employees be more efficient, cost conscious and innovative, don’t hesitate to contact Shannon Holeman at 407-718-2212 or via email at Shannon.Holeman@sprint.com. Or check out what’s going on in M2M (machine-to-machine) technology at Sprint.

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