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    Oct 16, 2013


    Distraction, whether it’s hands-free or handheld, whether it’s texting or talking, is deadly. 1

    Deborah Hersman, the Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

    An Aegis Mobility white paper reported on some of the National Transportation Safety Board recommendations on using mobile devices while driving. 2

    According to Deborah Hersman, distraction-related crashes killed 3,092 people in 2010, “the equivalent of a regional jet crash every week.” 3


    The Aegis Mobility White paper reviewed “the science and statistics behind the distractions caused by mobile device use.”


    Science and Statistics 1


    “More dangerous than drunk driving,” 4 distracted driving is a “deadly epidemic” on our roads. 5

     The distractions include: Aegis risk liability whitepaper

    • Visual, when you take your eyes off the road;
    • Manual, when you remove your hands from the wheel
    • Cognitive, when your mind is pre-occupied with a non-driving task – such as a telephone conversation or text message exchange. 6

    Every year, drivers – distracted by the use of mobile devices – cause 636,000 crashes, 342,000 injuries, and 2,600 deaths. 7


    There is an accident every 24 seconds. The financial toll is staggering: $43 billion annually. 8


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    Read more about the dangers of Texting and Driving via the Aegis Mobility Whitepapers


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