• Did you miss Mobilecon 2013? Mo Nasser talks about the connected lifestyle.

    Oct 21, 2013

    Mo NasserMohammad Nasser, Director of M2M Product and Marketing spoke at Mobilecon about the connected lifestyle and how Sprint M2M Solutions can help get your company connected with one of our many solutions.

      Sprint M2M Solutions DNAMo talked about how Sprint grew from a small telecommunications company to a global player. The roots of connecting people with technology is in our DNA. 

    "At  Sprint, we are more than our network. We are a company dedicated to forming long-term relationships by connecting people in meaningful ways to the technologies they rely on most." 

    Sprint is driven by a simple belief, "connecting people while on the move makes their lives better".  If you haven't seen the video "Vision of a Connected Mobile Lifestyle" watch it now! The video is based on an augmented reality concept of a future where "always on" brings on a whole new meaning. It really makes you stop and think about what's possible, and that it's not a very big leap to get there!  


    Sprint has several M2M solutions steering us into the future and the reality of these connections are just around the corner.

      Sprint Velocity

    is the first to combine emerging technology with deep consumer insights - a powerful combination.

    SAFETY is a basic Human need

    Connected Fleet

    solutions help fleet managers manage smarter with real time insights and information critical to their specific operation and industry.

     solutions have driver safety at the forefront of our program. Our UBI solutions offer text disablement, remote start, roadside assistance, and other features to keep your loved ones safer while driving.

    Other solutions include, Connected Home solutions that provide multiple products for energy efficiency, increase security and sensors to alert homeowners of potential problems. Home Health solutions that monitor seniors and patients with chronic health issues with our home health monitoring. 

    Solutions are created with safety in mind. "While the technology may be new, safety is a primal human need."

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