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Your security solution deserves a secure wireless network.





Sprint utilizes proven anti-jamming and eavesdropping CDMA WiMax Technology.


Sprint has proven 4G leadership and has been committed to CDMA for more than a decade. Sprint's strategy is to enable, NOT compete with our solution providers. We also provide a larger voice and 3G data coverage area (inclusive of roaming) than any of the GSM Carriers.

Whether you want to manage wireless alarms systems, access control, manage loss prevention, reduce property vandalism, increase employee and/or customer security, reduce liabilities, increase employee productivity, mobile based security solutions from Sprint gives you the power to manage these wireless alarm systems. We offer flexible, customizable security solutions that can be remotely managed and easily integrated into existing machine to machine security solutions.

Retail Loss Prevention

Using Wireless to Stop the Stealing! This Frost & Sullivan whitepaper focuses on the benefits of wireless for loss prevention for store retailers that display and sell merchandise to the general public through fixed point-of-sale stores.
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Managing Risk

Preventing Loss and Improving Operational Management to Benefit Your Business. Protecting your business assets is always of paramount importance. Sprint M2M and partners inform you about wireless-enabled security solutions.
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