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Improving Communication

Improving corporate communications with digital signage. Mary Kay broadcasts targeted messages to employees and visitors using the OpenSource solution running on Intel® Processors.
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Digital Signage Study

The primary objective of the Intel/Sprint Digital Signage project was to measure the effectiveness of their in-store digital content using Intel’s AIM Suite for Anonymous Video Analytics.
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Cellular Digital Signage

The widespread availability of 3G and emerging 4G cellular-based wireless broadband networks enables digital signage to be deployed virtually anywhere.
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Interactive Media Solutions


With intelligent-screen costs down and ubiquitous wireless connectivity, the key to success is delivering robust personalized messaging anytime ... anywhere.
Idigital signage hospitalityf you're looking for a turnkey digital signage solution, we can help. We have the partnership agreements in place to help you reduce installation costs, expand your number of channels and increase your signage footprint with minimal effort. So whether you're seeking to provide in-store marketing to promote products, create video messaging (narrow/broadcasting), deliver up-to-the-minute updates, or launch mobile advertisements, Sprint has the next-generation network and solutions you need.

Problem? Solved! 

Spotlabs Nike HOH - Concord

How does a global brand with a plethora of digital assets bring the quality, consistency and engaging nature of their online experience in to a 3rd party’s retail location? That was the challenge posed to Nike’s Digital Innovation Team. To help solve it they called Spot Labs.  Read the Case Study

Need an M2M solution?

If you are interested in one of our many Machine to Machine (Sprint M2M) solutions or pricing please contact us and we will connect you with one of our experts!

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Using Wireless Digital Signage and Interactive Media to Maximize Customer Engagement

The key to success in marketing is maximizing the hits and minimizing the misses. Digital signs and interactive media can be used to increase sales and extend customer engagement beyond the retail setting. This webinar highlights some of the successes that Sprint partners I.C.G., Popstar and Reach 3D have had in deploying wireless digital signage solutions.
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Digital Signage and Kiosk Solutions for Retail

Do you need to reach your customers in a different way or want to enhance your store experience? Sprint Digital Signage solutions can help you get there.

Sprint Digital Signage solutionsWhether you're seeking to provide in-store marketing to promote products, to create video messaging (narrow/broadcasting), to deliver up-to-the-minute updates, or to launch mobile advertisements, Sprint has the network and solutions you need.

If you're looking for a turnkey solution, we already have partnership agreements in place to help you do all of this and more:

  • Reduce installation costs
  • Expand your number of channels
  • Enhance your brand and image
  • Differentiate your product
  • Increase your messaging footprint

If you need smaller kiosks to allow two-way interactivity among your retail store employees, we can help there too.  Find out more about digital signage.

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Coverage not available everywhere. Sprint 4G network: Reaches over 35 markets and counting, on select devices. Sprint 3G network: Reaches over 262 million people. See for details. Not all services available on 4G and coverage may default to 3G/separate network where 4G unavailable.