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Today, more than ever, it is critical for organizations to have real-time data and control over critical infrastructure and remote assets. Since the early inception of telemetry, Sprint has given professionals the power to know exactly how their equipment is performing, from oil wells and waste-water valve controls, to electric utility grid switches and any other type of asset connected to a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU).

With Sprint remote monitoring solutions, not only will you know if your equipment is functioning as designed, if there is a problem you'll be instantly alerted, thereby improving security, minimizing downtime and mitigating risk. And with today's advanced solutions, you have more power than ever to monitor commodities in real time and adjust pricing or supply accordingly.

Sprint has industry-leading solutions for SCADA, building automation, remote diagnostics and asset management. And our relationship with Clearwire means that we can provide an open, M2M IEEE standard that allows developers to create low-cost, high-speed 3G/4G applications with a substantial shelf life.

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