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The Insurance Telematics Edge

New Telematics Capabilities: Win-Win for Insurers and Consumers

As many insurers and consumers now know, telematics technology has changed. Offering a vast range of benefits, telematics can help insurers grow their businesses, know and support their customers, and deliver a more profitable future.

Why Insurance Telematics?

As an insurance provider, you know how important security is. Being confident that your risk assessments are accurate. Providing customers with real value through financial and personal security. And offering solutions that assure you of a competitive edge.

New technology makes all these things possible. Connected vehicles and the data gathered and delivered by telematics benefit insurers, their customers, and for that matter, everyone else on the road. It’s really a win-win-win.

With a branded smartphone app and an onboard telematics device, insurance telematics can provide vehicle diagnostics that help create better drivers, reduce claims, increase the accuracy of risk scoring, and decrease response times.

What Are Customer Benefits?

  • Real-time feedback on driver behavior
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Parental monitoring of teen driving
  • Increased fuel efficiency

What Do Insurers Get In Return?

  • Greater brand loyalty and engagement
  • Better risk mitigation
  • Fewer claims and lower costs
  • Stolen-vehicle tracking
  • Additional revenue from third-party ads/offers
  • Reputation as a “green” company

How "Green" Can Telematics Really Be?

Our new technology can help to reduce a driver’s carbon footprint, showing customers how vehicle health, idling, speed, and acceleration affect their environmental impact.

This makes good business sense as well. Helping customers cut emissions and save money on gas can deepen their emotional connection to your brand. It shows your commitment to a better world.

What Sprint Brings to Telematics

Sprint is a leader in wireless technology, but has years of experience in telematics technology as well. We understand the business and the benefits telematics can bring to insurance companies and consumers alike. And unlike other wireless technology providers, we take the time to understand your unique business needs and help you design a solution to meet your specific business demands.

Contact Sprint today to learn more about how new telematics capabilities can benefit your business and your customers.


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Sun Coast

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