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Life-Saving Healthcare Solutions

M2M Healthcare


M2M is a tremendous catalyst for the entire healthcare industry.

Machine to Machine has ignited a remarkable expansion of advanced devices, applications and healthcare management solutions for improving patient care.

Remote Monitoring


Heathcare solutions can remotely monitor patients suffering from diabetes, cardiac arrhythmia and chronic diseases, GPS tracking of dementia and Alzheimer's sufferers. Put life-saving data, such as CT scans, test results and patient records, into the hands of medical staff, almost anytime.

Life-Saving Network


In addition to our Sprint 3G network, Sprint brings you the first wireless 4G network from a national carrier. An asset with the potential to dramatically boost the performance of life-saving M2M applications and provide superior wireless bandwidth for data-intensive medical transmissions.

Featured Partner

Virtualizing Patient Care: The ROI of Remote and Home Healthcare

Sprint M2M has partnered with industry leaders to deliver solutions that not only help reduce the cost of healthcare delivery, but enable extended healthcare through the mobile network. This webinar highlights remote monitoring solutions that provide a better quality of life for patients in their home, or wherever a patient resides.
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Coverage not available everywhere. Sprint 4G network: Reaches over 35 markets and counting, on select devices. Sprint 3G network: Reaches over 262 million people. See sprint.com for details. Not all services avail. on 4G and coverage may default to 3G/separate network where 4G unavailable. PC World's test included Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile in thirteen major cities in all regions of the country during December 2009 & January 2010. In all, roughly 9,000 individual tests of Sprint's 3G service were conducted from 280 testing locations in 13 cities. Testing sessions were one minute in duration per location, and network performance can be highly variable from neighborhood to neighborhood. In laptop-based tests, Sprint tied with another carrier for first in 3G network reliability.