Sprint Connected Fleet

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Sprint Connected Fleet solutions combine the latest in GPS, telematics, and wireless technology.  Managers can now capture all they need to know about where their vehicles and other valuable assets are, where they have been, and how they are performing. 

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Sprint Connected Fleet solutions help fleet managers manage smarter with real time insights and information critical to their specific operation and  industry. 

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Sprint Connected Fleet solutions start paying you back from Day 1 through greater productivity, increased efficiencies, fuel savings, fewer accidents, and more. 

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Sprint Connected Fleet

Sprint Connected Fleet solutions help fleet managers save time, money, and resources from Day 1. Many leading companies look to Sprint for superior fleet tracking and telematics solutions.

Sprint Connected Fleet SolutionsWhatever the task, manage it smarter.

Sprint offers solutions that provide real time information so that fleet managers know if their drivers are on time, on task, and safe.

  • Increase efficiencies
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve driving behavior
  • Reduce theft and loss
  • Better maintain condition of vehicles
  • Enhance safety of mobile workers
  • Meet regulatory requirements

Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Ensure compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)  Compliance, Safety, and Accountability regulations with Electronic On-board Recording technology. 

 Automated recording and reporting of hours of service (HOS) simplifies compliance complexities and saves time for drivers and administrative staff in addition to providing verifiable records and reporting in case of an audit.

 Save time and ensure greater accuracy with automated fuel tax reporting and vehicle inspection reporting, as well.

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Plug and Play Solutions

Sprint Connected Fleet offers full featured fleet solutions with device that installs quickly and easily into vehicle’s OBD-II port.

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Sprint offers a portfolio of industry leading solutions that can address the simplest to most complex needs of the fleet manager.  Sprint teams will work with you and your stakeholders to identify and implement the best solution for your operation –  one that will pay for itself from Day 1 and take your business to the next level.

Geotab Inc., an industry leader for over a decade in developing end-to-end telematics solutions, provides GPS fleet management systems of choice for leading local and Fortune 500 companies. Geotab is now the largest telematics supplier to enterprise fleets, based on units sold in 2011.

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Actsoft's Mobile Resource Management solutions have evolved from simple courier software to a very specialized, yet easy-to-use combination of wireless and GPS technology that provides an incredible array of data collection and management tools, tailored to virtually every industry with employees in the field.

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If you are looking for technical information about solutions & modules available to operate on the Sprint networks, please contact us directly, we will be happy to answer your questions.

#1 Wireless Provider of GPS Solutions Claim: Based on number of available GPS solutions that carriers offer and independent data. First 4G claim: Sprint 4G is available in over 35 markets and counting and on select devices; see Sprint.com/4G for details.