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What you should know about cargo theft.





The impact of cargo theft goes well beyond the expense of replacing original goods.


Cargo Crimes


Many companies don’t report cargo crimes to avoid bad publicity, higher insurance rates and damaged reputations. Any product being shipped is potentially a target. The FBI operates seven cargo theft task forces in the U.S.*

Competitive Advantage


Sprint and Omnilink® are working together to help fleets gain a competitive advantage with Omnilink Asset Tracker for Trailers™, a proven asset optimization. Read the whitepaper: Optimize your trailer management



Save money and reduce loss with inventory management and fleet optimization, while tracking assets anywhere within the Sprint wireless network

Asset tracking solutions include Omnilink, Telenav, Xora and Actsoft.

Did you know wireless tracking can help the transportation industry fight back in its battle with cargo thieves?

One such solution launched in April 2013. Omnilink’s Asset Tracker for Trailers™ uses GPS and Sprint’s wireless network to provide fleet managers with the exact location of every trailer.

When it comes to cargo theft, pharmaceuticals and electronics are generally the most expensive items, but all products are at risk. Understanding the trends can help businesses implement programs to address this issue. 

The "Just the facts" infographic illustrates what you should know about cargo theft.

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Track your valuable assets

More information:

The release of the Omnilink Asset Tracker for Trailers comes shortly after Omnilink's victory at M2M Evolution's 2013 Battle of the Platforms competition, where the company won the Overall Best Platform Award, the highest industry honor awarded to platforms - See more at: Omnilink's asset tracking solution leverages Sprint Network.



Cargo Theft protection

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