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Wireless-enabled M2M devices and solutions are creating a monumental shift in how business is done across numerous industries worldwide. As one of your organization's key decision-makers, you no doubt want to maximize the new opportunities offered by M2M technology to expand markets, increase operational efficiencies, create new revenue streams, and dramatically improve your bottom line.

At Sprint, we know with the adoption of any new technology comes risk, in particular when integrating new devices and solutions into established networks and legacy systems. Also, the full impact of new technology can only be accurately measured post-implementation within your unique business environment.

To mitigate risk in the machine to machine technology evaluation and purchase process, Sprint offers the opportunity for your organization to trial select devices and solutions in your business environment for up to 30 days with dedicated support and project management, and at no cost to you. 

Device and solution categories available for trial include

  • asset & people tracking
  • ATM/POS/Vending
  • digital signage
  • fleet management
  • connected vehicle
  • routers/modems

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