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Millions of M2M devices, one Command Center

Thanks to Sprint Command Center, businesses can control M2M provisioning, billing, device and service management — all from one centralized and secure portal. It’s just one of many ways we’re taking the M2M industry to a higher level by delivering greater value and efficiency to our customers and partners.

Get the development tools and support you need to make your M2M idea a reality

If you want to start developing an M2M solution or application right now, you're in the right place. We can help you build, program and deploy new wireless devices that are pre-approved to run on Sprint networks, while bypassing costly and time-consuming testing and certification steps.

 We can also help you catch and resolve problems before mass deployment. And we can help you incorporate a module directly into your custom hardware as fast as possible using our developer kits.

 In fact, we offer a variety of developer kits, modules, and ready-to-go hardware options complete with prepaid Sprint service plans. As part of each developer package, you'll also receive access to webinars that help you get the most out of your development kit.

 If you would like to incorporate a radio module directly into your custom hardware to meet your market and cost requirements, we have kits to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Sprint announces the launch of Sprint Command Center

A centralized, secure, self-service portal offering unprecedented control over Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices and services. The latest M2M empowerment tool from Sprint offers a convenient, comprehensive platform that allows businesses to control provisioning, billing, management and solution/application development of their own M2M solution.

Enhanced Provisioning

With Sprint Command Center you can easily implement many automated or on-the-fly device management features, such as activations, deactivations, suspensions and more for a single device or thousands of devices. Activations can be pre set based upon set dates in time, or by specific types of usage. And when it comes to conducting remote testing of devices in the field, you can even wake up a powered-down device using our unique "shoulder-tap" technology and run your diagnostics.

Advanced Billing Solutions

Our Command Center billing system offers dynamic rate plan capabilities and flexible pooling arrangements. It also provides a Business Rule Engine for device billing. And it gives you greater control over costs by allowing you to set multiple types of customized billing triggers. For example, the device's assigned billing plan starts only when a pre-defined usage threshold is reached.

More Powerful M2M Management Tools

When it comes to greatly enhancing your management control, our Command Center offers you a wide array of policy enforcement tools. So you can manage the unique needs of your devices based upon time of day, geography, usage limits, and more. You can also gain total visibility to your connected business using our robust asset tracking. And you'll benefit from a high level of security, including secure VPN connectivity and static IP addresses.



Sprint Command Center

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