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Is your product a part of the health care, transportation, media or other major industries?

M2M System Integrators

Sprint has partnered up with M2M Systems Integrator Partners to provide end-to-end development support. More specifically these M2M providers can help you learn how to optimize your products Sprint wireless technology with traditional or new cutting edge M2M systems.

WylessWyless is the leading global M2M managed services provider. Our resilient platform, delivered in partnership with the world’s largest network operators, provides secure, reliable communications with wireless devices in over 120 countries. Powerful management tools offer real-time reporting and control over all devices connected to our network. Wyless delivers a comprehensive suite of managed services with unrivalled expertise, professional support and competitive pricing. We enable our customers and partners to deploy M2M applications and services faster, cheaper and more effectively. The world’s most advanced M2M Platform from the world’s most trusted M2M partner.

Numerex CorpNumerex Corp. (NASDAQ: NMRX) enables customers to efficiently build reliable and secure M2M solutions used to monitor and manage assets remotely whenever and wherever needed, while simplifying and speeding up development and deployment through an array of proven processes and partnerships. Numerex DNA™ offerings include hardware Devices, Network services, and software Applications that are delivered through its Numerex FAST™ (Foundation Application Software Technology) open development platform. We serve customers in various industries such as healthcare, financial services, energy and utilities, government, transportation, security and building automation. Partnering with Sprint, we provide a complete set of value-added services comprising, for example, of fully hosted open platforms, integration services, certification support, flexible billing and global distribution and fulfillment services.

m2m data smart

M2M Datasmart provides wireless data services for the machine-to-machine market. We are partnered with Sprint as a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). We go beyond the service available directly from Sprint by providing additional solutions that help our customers get their products to market and succeed. M2M Datasmart offers hardware, design, and device certification assistance. We offer competitive pricing as well as short-term developer/test accounts. Our web-based customer account management interface has a variety of features allowing customers to stay on top of their devices and billing.

Features include:

  • Real-time device activation and provisioning. including bulk activation
  • Real-time visibility into device activity and data usage
  • Usage policies proactively monitor devices for problems and/or excessive use
  • Access to support resources - live chat, email, trouble tickets, knowledgebase
  • Sprint network status updates
  • Current and historical billing information

We have success serving a variety of applications including; GPS tracking, Healthcare, Data Backup, Digital Signage, Smart Grid / Utilities, Oil and Gas, SCADA.

Any application that requires wireless data can benefit from M2M Datasmart!

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Aeris M2M CommunicationAeris Communications is the leading provider of wireless data services for machine to machine solutions. We offer highly robust and secure connectivity for IP data, SMS and voice. Aeris has the industry leading platform for provisioning and activation, account and device management, real time device and traffic information, and detailed billing. With standard based APIs for rapid and scalable connectivity, and web portal access for our customers, Aeris takes the complexity out of incorporating wireless and can help Sprint customers launch their M2M solutions rapidly and effectively.

Open TerraOpen Terra is establishing new benchmarks in the ever-changing world of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and mobile applications that help people and businesses harness real-time intelligence from smart devices. Open Terra connects people and machines to wireless networks around the world. They offer an advanced, comprehensive product line, addressing consumer, enterprise, original equipment manufacturer, and specialized vertical industry markets. Their M2M solutions are used for mobile computing, transportation, industrial, enterprise, residential and consumer communications applications.