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Design, Test & Verify with Sprint

Sprint has been testing and verifying M2M and other wireless devices for more than a decade and right now we have well over one million M2M devices operating on our Sprint networks. Thanks to these years of experience we've been able to develop a time-tested, simple 4-step path for rapidly bringing your machine to machine solutions to market.

    1. Step 1Design
    2. Step 2Test
    3. Step 3Certify
    4. Step 4Launch
  • Make your idea manifest with design and prototype support.

    Our team of industry-specialized experts will guide you through the process of selecting the right technological solutions to meet your needs. Then we'll guide you through the design of your solution.

    You can also visit our Sprint Command Center Store for development kit options.

    M2M certification at-a-glance.
    Testing conducted across all Sprint M2M certification test groups is a reduced test scope if selecting a pre-certified data module and is a fast track to Sprint product certification. The intent of M2M certification is not to redo testing already performed on the certified data module, but rather to verify the integrity of module functionality and ensure that the functionality has not been impaired. This is also known as regression testing or testing for "backward compatibility" which is in the best interest of the partner and ultimately the end user.

    Select a network:
    We have several choices for network coverage for your device.
    See table below or download as a PDF (186 KB).

    Services 1XRTT EVDO / 3G 4G
    Tracking (LBS) Highest coverage for simple GPS fixes. Asset Tracking, Alzheimer Patients, Child Tracking, Offender Tracking Nursing home environment, greater throughput for aggregation of data from several devices 4G provides LBS capabilities via AFTL Advanced Forward Link Trilateration techniques. This LBS technique has a high degree of accuracy and works well indoors. AGPS is available on some devices.
    Commercial Telematics / Fleet Management Highest coverage for simple data pulls, Accelerometer data, ODB-II monitoring, real time engine diagnostics Great coverage for additional data for vehicle based internet access, real time traffic incident updates, targeted content based on location of vehicle. Greatest throughput and least amount of latency for additional entertainment services. Also, provides multiple modulation schemes.
    Insurance - UBI Highest coverage for simple data pulls, GPS positioning, Accelerometer data, ODB-II monitoring. Modules can be used to support voice and advanced parental control capabilities. Great coverage for additional data or for combining with video and other applications Greatest throughput and least amount of latency for additional entertainment services
    Sensor Networking & Control Highest coverage Greater throughput to aggregation modems, hardened for remote environments to monitor and report multiple machines functionality / status. Enablement of campus based networks to utilize singular aggregation modems to provide a large connectivity footprint that 3G cannot support.
    AMI Highest coverage for simple data pulls Greater throughput for aggregation of data from several devices Greatest throughput for greatest amount of aggregation capabilities.
    ATM / POS / Access Small transactions / Dial up replacement Digital checks / heavy account data transmissions / WAN Backup 2 way video interactions / Primary WAN Access Replacement
    In Vehicle OEM Telematics / Safety and Entertainment Highest coverage for simple data pulls Great coverage for additional data or for combining with video and other applications Greatest throughput and least amount of latency for additional entertainment services
    Healthcare / Telemedicine & Wellness / Fitness Greatest coverage for simple data transmissions / Glucometers / Drug Dispensors / Cardiac Monitors Multi Sensor home health appliances In 4G markets where coverage is premier, real-time voice and video, multiple web pages and/or applications to improve patient to care provider communication
    Digital Signage / Vending / Kiosks RF mesh sensors to 1xRTT / 3G concentrator to report vending machine statistics and quantity / repair needs. Great Coverage for additional data or for combining with video and other applications Real-time voice and video, multiple web pages and/or applications. Up to the minute updates concerning local media events, travel and weather events, or targeted advertising content
    Consumer Electronics Simple Ereaders Gaming and multi application Ereaders Video
    Mobile Computing Locations fixes and non-realtime computing Remote working with web browsing and emailing Realtime voice and video, multiple web pages and/or applications
    Handheld Mobile Computing UPC Scanning, 2D barcode, RFID scanning Scanning and applications Scanning applications, interactive video, and media server applications
    Security Monitoring Asset Tracking solutions to monitor movement / motion near important assets. Exception reports based on geo-fences being activated by movement of high-value assets. Static video and basic PTZ 30 Frames per second - real time video. Sub 200 millisecond latency requirements for live video feeds

    Test and tweak for optimal performance.

    After we've established a business model, decided on network solutions, and have our modules in place, it's time for testing. This step will determine if your solution/device is performing to Sprint specifications. We go through this process to ensure that you, the Sprint network and all of our partners are protected against unstable devices that may mismanage network resources.

    Test your device at the Sprint lab to prepare for certification.
    We offer in-house testing certification free of charge. Sprint will schedule your device to enter our labs based on available openings.

    You'll be pleased to know that in most cases, Sprint covers the cost of network compatibility testing for wireless devices. Any other testing costs, such as FCC certification, will be the responsibility of the company seeking certification.

    Next, we'll send you down one of two paths: module testing or device testing.

    Select the right modules.
    Sprint has proactively certified a range of modules in order to expedite your time-to-market. Just fill out this simple form and our solutions engineers will help you select the appropriate module to meet your business and technology needs. This will also include identifying the best cost, coverage and network performance needs.

    Select the right devices.
    Sprint understands wireless mobility can be a challenging technology addition to even the most expert integrators. That's why we promote preparation through up front development.

    Fill out this simple form so that we can help you meet the requirements in order to prepare your device for certification. 

    Get your stamp of approval.

    A lab report will be generated showing that your solution has concluded development and testing, and that you meet the required metrics. Our dedicated team will rapidly review your lab results and work with you to secure final approval.

    Houston, we have ignition.

    Now that your device has been developed, tested, and certified, you are almost ready for launch. The launch requirements for each device will vary, but your Sprint partner will provide you with all the necessary criteria for your specific device and get your solution into the marketsphere.

    After launch, you can count on Sprint to provide ongoing best-in-class support. From provisioning to operational support and training, we're here to assist you all the way.

    Ready to go?  Find out more today.

    Provisioning and Management
    We have a multiple options for provisioning and management of your devices. Your Sprint partner will help ensure the best option has been selected to meet your solution needs.

    Operations Support
    Our best-in-class Help Desk support can act as a single point of contact for your Sprint network technical needs. We also have best-in-class billing support that can be provided by our specialized care teams.

    Training and support materials are also available, as required, to aid you in a smooth transition to sustainment.