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If you want to start developing an Machine to Machine (M2M) solution or application right now, you're in the right place. We can help you build, program and deploy new wireless devices that are pre-approved to run on Sprint networks, while bypassing costly and time-consuming testing and certification steps.

We can also help you catch and resolve problems before mass deployment. And we can help you incorporate a module directly into your custom hardware as fast as possible using our developer kits.

In fact, we offer a variety of developer kits, modules, and ready-to-go hardware options complete with prepaid Sprint service plans. As part of each developer package, you'll also receive access to webinars that help you get the most out of your development kit.

If you would like to incorporate a radio module directly into your custom hardware to meet your market and cost requirements, we have kits to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Bringing your idea to life begins here.

Sprint has more than a decade of experience in helping professionals and organizations successfully launch emerging-technology products and solutions. And we have teams ready and waiting to assist you.

We can help you develop the right business model.

Sprint has significant experience and expertise in deploying a variety of M2M business models. We'll help you create a business model that is the best fit for you. Sprint will work with you to assess your business' needs, and then determine how leveraging our expertise and resources can maximize your opportunities for success. In addition to network connectivity and services, Sprint can also provide services related to branding, customer care, sales & distribution and end-user billing. Together, we will determine the optimal balance of service elements and support to establish the best possible M2M business model.

Typical M2M business models include retail and wholesale or a customized solution that meets your unique needs.
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Retail Business Model
In addition to device certification and network services, a typical retail business model can include end-user billing and account management, sales and distribution channels, branding or co-branding options, sprint customer care and a robust portfolio of support services. Depending on your needs, any or all of these elements can be provided by Sprint.

Wholesale Business Model
In the wholesale model, as in the retail model, Sprint provides device certification and network services. However, for partners that prefer to utilize their own infrastructure, brand, customer care and support model, a wholesale model may be the best fit. Sprint's Now Network and service-delivery tools enable the partner to manage their own distribution, implementation, billing, care and support.

Customized Business Model
If your business requires a customized solution, Sprint can work with you to develop the ideal combination of care, sales and distribution, billing and support services to meet your business needs.

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